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The Annual Heritage report provides details on the most vulnerable and at-risk landscapes and structures across the country. According to Heritage England, it is utilised as an essential section of the UK Government’s official statistics to identify cultural assets at risk due to degradation, neglect, or inappropriate development in the region.

Article by HL heritage architects Newcastle UK

It includes grade one structures, gardens, scheduled monuments, registered parks, preserved wreck areas, conservation areas, and historic battlefields at risk.

It also included 50 new additions to the comprehensive list, including conservation sites, around 1,400 structures, and areas of interest throughout England. In Newcastle, there are 11 areas of concern.

newcastle-cooperage listed building

The Cooperage

The Cooperage, on the Waterfront, is the most famous of them. The medieval grade two listed structure, formerly a merchant house and now a restaurant and public house, is decaying due to an absence of upkeep.

keelmans newcastle

Keelmen’s Hospital

Keelmen’s Hospital is another riverside location under threat. Although re-use possibilities are being considered, the structure remains unused and abandoned, and it is in danger of succumbing to degradation.

grey street newcastle

Grey Street

Further into Newcastle, an iconic city area is in danger, with a segment of Grey Street also struggling from decay and deterioration. The fate of the four-story stores on the western side of the street is now being debated. Steps to avert and correct the degradation of these stores are seen as important.

ceilings of Christ Church- shieldfield - newcastle


Shieldfield also has a vulnerable structure. The ceilings of Christ Church and the adjacent Green hall are approaching the limits of their expected useful life. While work has been done to stabilise the roof’s structure, phase two is required, continuing financing negotiations.

Westgate Road / West End Newcastle

As you go up Westgate Road from the city centre of Newcastle, you’ll notice many at-risk buildings clustered together. Surface stonework concerns of St Matthew’s Church will be fixed soon, but the adjoining Life Transformation Church will require additional repairs following years of inactivity. Although improvements were made to the building, additional work is required to ensure its longevity.

Westgate Hill Cemetery newcastle upon tyne

An effective conservation plan is prepared at Westgate Hill Cemetery, a certified conservation area that connects the two sites to curb antisocial behaviour and eliminate invasive plants.

St John’s Cemetery is in peril owing to the destruction of the area’s staircases, crumbling border walls, and the terrible condition of certain memorials. The adjoining St Michael’s Church was also included due to the site’s presbytery deterioration.

Other Areas & Gateshead

The Church of St Luke on the Town Moor, and the Church of St Lawrence with St Michael in Byker, present outside the central city, are thought to be at risk. Although both have been fixed, wetness has remained in the Northern Tyneside area; however, the Church of St Luke is restored to resume service.

The St Peter’s neighbourhood in Wallsend, and its 3 main structures, are feared to be in jeopardy farther up the Tyne. This protected zone is classified as “extremely poor.” Along with the Osborne House retirement home, the region features a school and church of the same name.

Dunston Staiths

Dunston Staiths, a woody structure used to transport coal from Durham’s coal mines into ships, is under threat to the south of the river. Since its closing, this area has been the victim of three fires, and Gateshead Committee is working with the National Trust and Historic England to secure the historic frame’s safety.

The ruins of the Dunston Hill mining site are also potentially at risk. The area, formerly a coal mine, is now considered a historical site, and surrounding road construction jeopardises it. Heritage England believes that the site is on the decline.

The ceiling of the Church of St Chad on Rawling Road in Gateshead is similarly in trouble, having been partially restored but still requiring repairs. Water infiltration inside the structure is another hazard for the location.

Hadrian's Wall at Throckley

Other conservation areas in the region include parts of Hadrian’s Wall at Throckley, where close ploughing might compromise the medieval wall’s structural integrity. Development in the area has also jeopardised the Battle of Newburn Ford battlefield. A study has been prepared to guarantee that the area’s historical value is considered throughout the development process.

Because of ancient discoveries in the region, Dewley Hill is also present on the conservation areas at-risk list.