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We made our homes more than living spaces in 2021, with most people having the same space fulfilling work roles. The pandemic and these resulting changes will continue to dictate interior design, at least for the incoming year.

In 2022, we will be prioritising sustainability in terms of the materials we adopt and which brands we get them from. For instance, we can expect an enjoyable sneak into our design past, the reintroduction of the natural world indoors, and living spaces that cater to our flexible working schedules.

Wondering what to expect in 2022 in terms of top interior design trends? We have six insights from high-rated design experts.

interior design Natural materials and sustainability

1. Natural materials and sustainability

The ‘Biophilia’ trend will likely become mainstream in 2022, alongside sustainability and responsible use of materials.
There has been increased adoption of sustainability and organic materials in the past years. Furthermore, with climate change becoming a matter of global interest, sustainability is now a core part of the interior industry and homes. Therefore, a shift is imminent in furniture purchase, with people favouring furniture items with reclaimed woods and accessories made from recycled glass and metal.

Sustainability trends in the incoming year will be all about the material choices for our homes. Experts predict that sustainable vintage textiles and fabrics will gradually replace the mass production we are used to. Responsible companies focusing on sustainability and homemade items with super longevity will record more patronages.

We can expect a shift to responsible design and manufacture in terms of furniture. Cork is positioned to be the gamechanger for the ‘biophilia’ trend. Cork is biodegradable and renewable – two features that give it an automatic pass into the kitchen for 2022. As a material part of the ‘biophilia’ trend, cork helps us connect with nature, organic materials, and natural plant life, all within our living spaces. Besides its sustainability, it adds a unique texture and warmth to every space and surface, especially kitchens.

Office Interior design

2. Interior design for working in the living space.

Most homes had temporary home offices on their kitchen tables or on the family sofa in 2021. Well, we are taking it a step further in 2022 with the introduction and adoption of a more evolved workspace for hybrid working.

Zoning or compartmentalising became an important aspect of our lives in 2021, whether knowingly or unknowingly. We created areas for every aspect of our lives, which added normality to the abnormal situation we found ourselves in. However, we are ready to make smarter choices regarding home purchases and prioritising the room’s flow.

In 2022, we expect more people to opt for pieces with dual applications and overall living spaces with an open plan. These are better equipped for the type of changes we experience throughout the day. Although the goal remains to have comfortable workspaces in our homes, only the right products will make this possible. From ergonomic chairs to strategic storage options, beautiful desks, and a well-stationed waste paper bin, the right material choices make it easier to create a functional space and an overall better home.

interior Designs inspired by nature

3. Interior Design inspired by nature.

The talk about bringing the outside in is not entirely new. However, 2022 is the year we see this in action. The introduction of plants, terracotta, and timber in 2021 added impressive green and natural tones into our interiors. Likewise, the adoption of green velvet sofas, jute textured rugs, and olive painted walls had similar effects.

According to GoodMove, the search data of homeowners on Google for popular paint colours reveals more people favours soft greens for 2022. So, we expect a transition from sage green in previous years to grey-green in 2022. The silvery-green hue fits the living rooms perfectly, considering the calm and relaxation it brings into our spaces. It is easily a harmonious way of bringing the outside in.

How about terracotta? Well, terracotta walls recorded an increased adoption by 86% in the UK in 2021. We are not about to drop these reddish-brown and tan hues colours. In fact, with autumn and winter coming, they are perfect for elegant layering, especially in the bedroom and other personal spaces.

Blue is the new black interior design 2022

4. Blue over black.

Light and airy blue is a colour shade that promotes relaxation and restfulness. It is a perfect choice for bedrooms and the kitchen or bathroom, offering a fresh airy base palate.

But there is more about blue and why it is becoming one of the most popular bedroom colours for 2022. The colour can impart the mood positively by bringing us to nature through the ocean or blue-sky connections. You can expect quality relaxation, whether a dark blue feature wall or a blue-textured quilt cover. Now imagine the tranquillity and how much it can improve your sleep at night.

Outside the bedroom, blue can be the perfect base to enhance the beauty of accessories. Moreover, with its warmth and boldness, blue is a great dark colour that ticks the boxes as a better background for paintings and artworks, as evident in its use by more museums and galleries.

Thrifting and antiques interiors

5. Thrifting and antiques.

Do you wonder where else the green resource for your homes can come from? Well, that is where antiques and vintage finds come in.

More Gen Z and millennials are now exploring second-hand marketplaces and apps for great thrifting and antique deals.
The demand for upcycled, antique, or used furniture is set to increase. These items tell unique stories with origins that birth amazing conversations. More importantly, they offer a sustainable, greener approach to home furnishing.

We have seen the use of antiques in the home in 2021. However, the increased interest in specific styles and antique pieces, especially antique wooden furniture, suggests a broader adoption in 2022.

A shift from the mid-century coffee tables and chairs to the 17th-century well-detailed styles with hand-turned finishes and untwist legs is imminent. Bobbin furniture is becoming more popular in auctions and antique markets, and more contemporary homeware companies are also looking into it.


6. Going back to retro.

Just before you conclude that we are beyond the retro area, 2022 is the year we return to this exciting trend. We can expect the return of nostalgic interior design elements next year, especially the 70s- and 80s-themed designs. However, these items will most likely come as statement pieces, including comfy and plush velvet armchairs and more. The same is expected for nostalgic design references like coloured glass, metallics, boucle, and more.

Lighting is another area where we are in for the return of nostalgic 70s and 80s design elements. The year 2022 will witness a grand return of 70s trends like technicolour of luxe greens, turquoise, warm orange hues, and sunshine yellows. Also, the combination of mushroom lamps with sculptural effects creates a warm ambience from the dome. Interestingly, Etsy has reported increasing searches for mushroom lamps by up to 371% year-on-year in the previous three months.


The year 2022 will still emphasise natural and sustainability in design. There will also be a blend of retro and natural colours, beige, warm hues, and various shades of green. We are generally looking at a more neutral and basic colour scheme. We will continue pushing for an ideal home office, equally practical and stylish.

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