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Designing Peaceful Calming Spaces In Your Home


Your home should be a place to come home to and free your mind of stress with the relaxing environment you deserve. When you walk in the door after a long day of total chaos, you simply want to put your feet up, take a deep breath, recharge your batteries, and find some peace.

Our guide will help you design each room in your home and create something spectacular!  We will start with the living room, make our way to the bedroom, then on to the kitchen and bathroom.

Why You Deserve A Peaceful, Calm Home

Sometimes, you have to look back on your life to realize what you enjoyed while growing up.  Maybe you had your own room filled with treasures that brought you joy and filled your heart with peace. One day everything changed when it was time to go off to university. You spent your time in a room shared by another student but nothing was really yours. How can you possibly enjoy any form of privacy to disconnect for a short period of time under those conditions?

Years later, you would never share a room with another student ever again. I studied interior design and the science of well-being. As an interior designer in Newcastle, I know how important it is to find new ways to create a calm, enjoyable environment and how very important that can be.

Everyone needs a peaceful, calming home to get through this crazy world where anxiety and stress are piled on top of us every single day. This is not about running away from reality or wishing to be isolated from the world, it’s about developing physical and mental health. Your own home is essential to your entire well-being.

The Fundamentals You Need To Create a Peaceful Calming Home

A calm home is a space that meets all your needs and gives you the opportunity to be aware of each day more clearly. A space that balances relaxation with inspiration is key.

A peaceful home offers the power to give you great comfort and instill happiness in you.

To understand the science behind a peaceful calming home, you must look at the three principles that influence it.


In this day and age, our brains need silence more than ever before. Silence has proven to have so many beneficial effects on your body and mind. Having your own quiet space means having the opportunity to choose silence when you need it the most.

Visual Balance

You can create a lot of discomforts when your room is loaded down with harsh lighting or miserable décor.  Bad lighting and miserable décor can literally hurt. By following a few simple guidelines, you can solve the problem. Think about how loud or silent your room is, what patterns, colours, or the presence or lack of white space have played on you.

Privacy And Comfort

From a designer’s point of view, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the couch you saw online is, if it’s uncomfortable. If that’s the case, it’s failed the entire purpose. You need a warm, safe, comfortable place you call home. A place where you can be yourself with the level of privacy you crave.

A Guide To Designing Peaceful Spaces

This guide will show you how to create a peaceful calming home. Let’s start with two golden rules and discover the areas where you will spend most of your time. Is it the living room or a bedroom? We will share some great advice for other spaces you should consider including the kitchen and bathroom.

The Golden Rules

These rules will work in every room in your home.

You should add greenery and plants to your room. Plants and greenery have proven to increase positive feelings and have an impact on your health.

Your brain loves natural materials whether it’s a simple wooden tray or soft linen curtains.  The idea is to see and feel the natural grain or texture of the material that whispers nature.

interior design living room in Newcastle

Your Living Room

There is little doubt the living room is the most social hub in your home. We entertain friends and family, it’s a place where most people spend the majority of their time. Your living room should be designed as a welcoming place for everyone including yourself.

Living rooms are active hubs from entertaining guests to watching television.  .  You should be able to enjoy your time there without distracting noises. Don’t leave the television running for no apparent reason. Turn off any devices that emit noises such as sounds from your computer.  With fewer distractions, you can enjoy reading your latest book, spending time with your cat, or having a great conversation with your best friend.

To induce a pleasant environment, consider your colour scheme. When choosing colours for your living room, pick colours that will match or create the atmosphere you are trying to create. It’s your choice so choose wisely.

Do you lean toward spacious and bright or cosy and dark?

When it’s time to pick out furniture to create your look, focus on comfort over anything else. If you are on a budget, look into a single piece such as a small sofa or a super comfortable armchair. Keep in mind, if you have a large living room, little to no furniture will make it feel like an empty warehouse!

bedroom design for calm relaxing

Your Bedroom

Your bedroom should be your relaxation space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. This is the place to recharge your batteries and clear your mind. The first thing to consider when creating this space is your colour scheme. Stay away from loud colours or bold wallpapers that might work in a guest room but not your bedroom. Finding the right colour scheme can be a bit of a challenge so take your time. Pick up some swatches from your local store and check them out when you get home.  This can be an important step so don’t rush it.

Keep in mind, just because you love a certain colour does not mean it’s the best choice for a relaxing experience. What’s calming to you might have the opposite reaction on someone else, especially if you live with other people.

When it comes to lighting, you need to understand the effect you will get from different sources. You should consider low wattage, warm, soft white light, and indirect lighting.

If you like to read in bed, make sure you have a light source behind you such as a wall sconce. Also, you need good lighting for the sake of your eyes.

Clean up your bedroom and remove clutter or other things that will disrupt your peace of mind. You want your space to be a tranquil environment, making it an oasis from the rest of the world.

calm kitchen design

Your Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a very busy, active area. It’s very easy to get stressed while you spin around in circles. You are dealing with other family members or friends, Your dogs or cats, as well as your children, want samples of the food you are preparing. Well,  you get the idea.

Kitchens are not rooms that come with a moment of relaxation. You should rearrange it to promote movement. If you are designing a kitchen, you want to consider having an island in the middle of the room for greater productivity. You can easily move from one area to another quickly and efficiently.  You can make the room feel less cramped by getting rid of things you don’t need, giving you more room.

If your kitchen is what it is, there are steps you can take. Make sure you keep your countertops and sink clean not loaded down with pots, pans, bowels, etc.  Everything, including utensils, should be in its proper place. If you have the space and good storage, put things up and out of sight. Organize your pots and pans, bowels, and utensils so you know where they are all the time. Clean out your main drawer that has collected stuff you no longer need and just take up space that could be used for something else.

Think about stuff you have in the kitchen and whether they belong there. If you declutter your kitchen you could bring in flowers to add a nice touch of colour and freshness. With a few simple changes, you can turn your kitchen into a place to be productive without the added stress.

calm and relaxed bathroom

The Bathroom

Your bathroom can be one of two things, It can be a place you will spend as little time in as possible or it can be a relaxing spa you want to spend more time in. The first thing you must do is choose the right lighting.

White light is perfect because it will give off an ambient glow that is similar to daylight. You don’t want coloured lights as this is the room for all your skincare routines.

For a simple, basic lighting, try two wall lights placed on both sides of the mirror. The lights should be at eye-level or just a little bit higher.

To create a spa-like environment, use scented candles and sprays when bathing to help you wind down. Some of the best scents include lavender or chamomile. Although both scents are often used to induce sleep, they can help you just unwind and relax.

Find products that offer natural scents, not man-made aromas. Do not go crazy with scents, you will become overwhelmed. Often overlooked, make sure you have good ventilation such as a quiet extractor fan.

Depending on the size of your bathroom, you could add some plants to create a small rainforest or add some fresh-cut flowers for added colour. Consider a frosted window film for added privacy and to keep direct sunlight at bay. Make sure you have a lock on the door that actually works. No one is going to feel at ease if people can just run in and out while you are taking a bath.

Pick up some ideas at spas like heated stones or decorate with shells you collected while on vacation by the ocean. Play around, there are so many wonderful ideas that will work beautifully in your bathroom.


If you are ready to create a peaceful, calming space in your home, it might be a lot easier than you think. Take some of these tips and see how they work for you. Visual balance along with comfort and relaxation can do wonders.